Why Narrative?

Most companies don't think about their narrative. They think in terms of brand.  A strong narrative runs deeper than brand. It represents the soul and aspiration of a company.  It is the reason why the company was born in the first place.

The challenges we see repeat over and over are lack of market fit, followed by the inability to get noticed and or the need to redefine a category - likely one that you innovated.  

We allow companies to find that alignment through a very well honed collaborative process. A company that is aligned, thrives and our goal is to help you accomplish that.   


Designing for Narrative Whitespace™

Bringing clarity and alignment through narrative design. 

We will enable a company or organization to initiate, articulate and align around a distinctive narrative within 30 to 45 business days from a signed engagement.
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Finding Whitespace

Society is shifting from a push to a pull mindset, which requires a different way of thinking. Brands don't own their brand anymore. In order to stand apart, you must become an entity that initiates and lives its narrative.

Today’s management require fast wins, while acknowledging slow builds to create movements.  We seek to find and define "whitespace" that is both defensible and authentic to the core values of your company. 

The three Pillars OF Spatial Shift

Narrative Design   A disciplined approach designed to align a company around one common voice.

Narrative Design

A disciplined approach designed to align a company around one common voice.

Ideation & Innovation   A thoughtful approach that blends the disciplines of narrative design with unconventional curiosity to yield a new outcome.

Ideation & Innovation

A thoughtful approach that blends the disciplines of narrative design with unconventional curiosity to yield a new outcome.

Advisory, Teaching and Speaking   A delivery of insight that challenges the status quo and provides the impetus to think different.    

Advisory, Teaching and Speaking

A delivery of insight that challenges the status quo and provides the impetus to think different.    

Innovation requires a new exponential lens that
scales to achieve global impact.


We no longer live in a linear world, therefore, we need to derive solutions from spatial thinking.


We have fundamentally shifted from a push to a pull driven society, requiring new tenets that align with 21st century mindsets.


We designed our process around the following principles:

The Narrative Project

1. The answer is in the room

2. Diverse human collaboration provides amazing insights

3. Agility and speed to market matter

4. Fast wins, slow thoughtful builds are required

5. A mindset fueled by unconventional curiosity

6. A relentless pursuit of connectedness

7. The Company is the Message

8. Pull from the edge, not Push from the Center

9. Human genius meets artificial intelligence must co-exist

“I have had the pleasure of working with Toby on two separate occasions. We worked together on my client Mavenlink in developing a brand narrative. Toby was the lead and his insights and ability to see around corners allowed the brand to take a positive leadership role in the Service Level Economy. Additionally Toby has shared his wisdom and experience with my students as a guest speaker at the University of California in Irvine. I highly recommend you seek out Toby for any marketing, writing or brand assignment where good judgement and a congenial spirit are required.”
— Gary Szenderski, Brand Strategist for Companies in Transition
“I recently had the absolute pleasure of working with Tobin to develop a moonshot strategy for my stealth startup. The process was intense, but Tobin helped me to get to a place where I did not expect to go. The new plan visually captured on paper not only tightened the narrative, but it also helped me to sell my vision - not just product features. If you are struggling with your mission or vision, or want to set audacious goals, I would highly recommend reaching out to Tobin.”
— James J. Park, CEO/Founder of Savorite
Every once in a while you come across that professional who truly delivers on something special for your business and the problem you’re trying to solve — even when you’re not always clear on the question to ask, the wider opportunity that might exist and the magic of the work you’re doing. Toby is that rare professional and all around great guy. Our work together to define the narrative for the Li & Fung Foundation was fantastic. Toby sherpa’d our wider group of disparate stakeholders to a unified and unique north star, visioned what our future would look like, and helped to set up our strategy to deliver on that for our internal and external audiences. He’s a seasoned creative storyteller, strategist, and purpose-driven individual all in one. Can’t recommend him enough to anyone prepared to listen to me. You and our organisation will be better for it.
— Lale Kesebi, Chief Communications Officer, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Li & Fung Limited
What a truly transformative experience we shared as Toby helped us develop the narrative architecture for our corporate foundation. Toby led us through the challenge of capturing the heart-led nature of purpose and aligning it with our company’s business focus with thoughtful research, ideas and insights.

During this process, our minds and perspectives were stretched as we explored opportunities to capture whitespace and be innovative. Toby helped us hone ideas in to create a powerful narrative playbook. Toby shared our excitement and brought unique views about tapping the power of people and technology as a force for good.

We valued Toby’s clarity and collaborative nature, especially as we were working across 15 time zones. It was a true partnership where Toby brought open mindedness and a genuine passion about creating positive impact.

Thank you Toby for a great experience working with you. We are now bound forever by purpose!
— Karen Seymour, Executive Director, Li & Fung Foundation
I had the opportunity to work closely with Toby as he guided our team to develop a brand narrative, including vision and mission statements. During our engagement, Toby brought us passion, expertise, and vision — all through a well-structured process. I’ve found it rare to meet someone who balances immense creativity and innovative thought with pragmatic business acumen.

Toby pushed our team to think beyond our perspectives, but always listened and adjusted when we felt too far out of our “comfort zone”. With his guidance, I’m confident that we’ve reached the right place to take our business to new heights.
— - Julie Long, Acting VP Marketing, Ingenio
Tobin does a great job and his entire narrative process was incredibly valuable for our organization. He brings fantastic energy and creative juice to a fairly challenging process for any organization. I could not more highly recommend him and his work.
— Paul Lentz, SVP, Publisher & Business Operations, ShareThis
Toby uncovered the “white space” in an age-old industry, opened our messaging aperture, and crystallized our differentiation with a fresh, new narrative — all of which has made a profound difference in how we approach our market.
— Karin Bootsma, Vice President of Marketing, RiseSmart
Our time spent with you was truly productive and of great assistance in honing our message to the market. You gave us words to express our ideas and for that we’re grateful.
— Marc Cohen Co-Founder & CEO Wrinkl, Inc.

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Designing distinctive and indispensable narratives.



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